New essay!

So, that essay about “the story” I mentioned earlier just went up! Please read and, if you’re feeling adventurous, comment and/or hit recommend: as I just wrote in an email to Everyone I’ve Ever Met (apologies if this includes you), my editor tells me that this gesture has magical consequences with the Powers That Be of Digital Media. Hope you enjoy!


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One response to “New essay!

  1. Elliot Giddings

    In short, “we live in stories” and there goes the dust of life as Sebald writes in the Rings of Saturn “Nimrod is lost in Orion, and Osiris in the Dog Star. Indeed, old families last not three oaks. To set one’s name to a work gives no one a title to be remembered, for who knows how many of the best of men have gone without a trace? The iniquity of oblivion blindly scatters her poppyseed and when wretchedness falls upon us one summer’s day like snow, all we wish for is to be forgotten.”

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