New HuffPost Blog, and a Note on Frequency

My second blog for Huffington Post is up today – check it out! (Unless you are my parents, in which case: read at your peril.)

Hopefully there will be no scandalous Twitter hacking today.

Speaking of my mother, I feel the need to share that yesterday she emailed to ask if I was okay. Why was she concerned, you ask? Because I had not blogged in more than 24 hours. She hoped, she wrote, that I was just very busy.

Rather than respond to her email, of course, I blogged.

But seriously: I like writing here every day. It makes me happy. But sadly it does not pay me or get me any closer to my graduate degree and I have several other obligations that do. So I will continue to be as consistent as I possibly can, but if I miss a day or two, please don’t fear for my safety and security.

Probably, I’m just blogging for another site anyhow.

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