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An Ode to Crushes

A request: can we all just pause and take a moment to celebrate the simple, delightful pleasure that is having a crush?

Because sometimes, I fear, we forget.

Sometimes it’s been a while since you’ve been like, really, truly smitten with someone in the way that makes you smile all big and involuntary when you think about them and you’re not totally sure why, or whether it’s requited, but it doesn’t really matter.

It’s one of the only fair–and I’d say underappreciated–facts about romantic love: you don’t need someone’s permission to think about them. (Perhaps more appreciated but equally fair/dangerous: you don’t need them to know when you’re looking obsessively at their Facebook page.)

Clearly there are a range of crushes: minor ones, baby ones, silly celebrity ones…and of course, the Epic ones.

I bet I’m not alone in that I can demarcate periods of my life by the Epic Crushes that went with them.

(Note: I’m going all out with the full names here–if these guys don’t know by now, it’s about time.)

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