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The Case for a Younger Man

Yesterday, my ever-resourceful brother Rob sent me this link.

(Sidenote: Folks, I’d like to encourage this behavior–I’ve officially gotten to the point where I could use help with ideas. The other night I even went out in search of material and the one guy I met was someone our mutual friend had already cautioned me about and who recognized me from a quick introduction at a local bar–where I was on a date with a friend of his. I may have to move. Until then, though, if your idea takes the form of an attractive and emotionally available guy, I will not object.)

Anyway. This subject–younger men dating older women–is close to my heart. Not because I’ve dated many younger men–rather, I have a genetic predisposition to date older men: my mother and grandmother both married men eleven years older, my aunt married someone sixteen years her senior, and my longest relationship was with someone who was thirty-five when we started dating. I was nineteen.

Now that we all know my personal and ancestral romantic history, back to the article. It’s actually a blog post from the number-nerds at the dating site OKCupid, and argues that men who limit themselves to women their own age and younger–which, it would seem, most men do–should reconsider.

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Online Dating and The Things Grandmothers Know: Part One

So, my grandmother is reading my blog. Not Grandma Edith, whose 100th birthday I am going home to New York this weekend to celebrate.

No, my other grandmother: the one who is approximately twenty years younger but who, if I mention her actual age–or ever, ever address her as “Grandma”–might physically injure me. This grandmother is savvy, hip and smart: she publishes her own newsletter and has a PhD. (When I told her I’d gotten into Columbia for grad school and would have a hard time saying no, she dismissed me with “Why? Honey, I have three degrees from Columbia and I am starving.”) She is a fiercely rabid, Rachel Maddow-loving Democrat and, generally, as open-minded as New Yorkers come.

But, occasionally, her more traditional values emerge. Such as the time she caught me smoking pot in high school. Or when she looks at me plaintively and asks why I can’t just wear some mascara. Or, last night: when she emailed me about how sorry she is that I have such trouble with men and: is there a dating service in Albuquerque/Santa Fe I might try? Continue reading


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