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Be My Number One. Or, Number Two.

Back when S and I took that road trip to LA, we planned on amusing ourselves during the car ride with a game called “Maybe We’d Find Husbands If…”

The idea for this came about during a jog shortly before we left when we discussed the difficulty of not always being on the lookout for a husband, and we (okay, mainly I) thought the game might make good car ride entertainment–not to mention potential material for the blog.

Both hopes quickly dissipated when it became apparent, as it soon did, that our only ideas were: “Maybe we’d find husbands if we lived in LA,” “Maybe we would find husbands if we did not live in LA,” and “Maybe we’d find husbands if we dated more men who vote Republican.” (More on that last idea later.)

By the time our game resorted to “Maybe we’d find husbands if we spent more time at Knife City”–a roadside outlet barely across the Arizona border–we knew it was time that we give up, embrace our singledom, and blast mainstream hip hop.

Among the tracks in heavy rotation was a melodic R. Kelly tune called “Be My Number 2.” Which, if you haven’t heard, you must: it is a truly amazing song, on a number of levels, in which R. croons to a potential lover about all the things that he would like to do to and with her that do not include revealing her existence to his Number One.

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Greetings from West Los Angeles

Update: S and I made it to Los Angeles late last night.

Thanks to everyone who responded to my Facebook plea for road trip activities. Of course, they proved unnecessary: we spent the entire eleven and a half hours listening to music and talking about boys.

More on that later.

For the moment, I have to got to go out in search of material, and decide whether I love or hate California.

(Like most New Yorkers, I’ve had a lifelong, built-in and reflexive disgust with the place–and it occurred to me recently that I hadn’t actually spent more than a few days here since I was thirteen and that it might actually be ideal: the culture and the excitement of New York, without the frenetic pace and the occasional blizzards.)

Stay tuned.

No promises, though: I did, after all, shave my legs.


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