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Being the “Other Woman”

There are many reasons for my ever-increasing fascination with Rielle Hunter.

First, I would have taken a lie detector myself to vow that child was in fact John Edwards’ from the moment he and she got caught together at the Beverly Hilton. (I mean, what man sereptitiously meets a woman at a hotel with a baby that is not his?) Which, as someone who has always found John Edwards more than a little suspicious, was kind of gratifying.

And then the whole thing about her being the basis for a Jay McInerney character–that was just too good. I love me some Jay McInerney.

But really: who isn’t fascinated with Rielle Hunter?

So, I thought I was slow to set sights on that Norris Mailer profile from last weekend. And now I must confess that I have just, in the past two days, seen Hunter’s GQ interview. The one published, apparently, a month ago.

(People, I’m telling you: this is what happens when you move to New Mexico. If it doesn’t involve Bill Richardson, Val Kilmer or Julia Roberts, we miss it. Not an unimpressive troika, I might add, but a bit limiting.)

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